Skin London Tantric Relax Playlist


Hi guys!

I’m here to present to you our selection of music inspired by our clients, our therapists and the most delicious experiences. We’ve divided them into theme playlists where you can listen to songs according to your mood at the moment.


Relax in the office – Big names in music from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. Relaxing and delicious music to enjoy in a moment of tranquility; immersive and excellent music to improve our concentration. The name of the playlist was inspired because every time I went to a big company, the reception was always playing songs in that style. So I think it’s perfect to tune into a volume that’s pleasing to your ears in your offices and businesses.


Gentleman’s on the road – I loved developing this playlist as I did it with several of our customers in mind. Men between 30 and 60 years old, entrepreneurs, marketing executives, financial markets, technology professionals, consultants, journalists, public relations, engineers, doctors, teachers… How many stories! Very polite customers, like any good English man; many customers excited and curious to live an incredible experience of tantric pleasure for the first time; clients who visit London and are always very kind and cheerful with our team of therapists; or those cute and sincere clients who can tell me exactly what they are looking for in details, and I am here to offer you the best to fulfill your wishes and adventures in tantric world. I also talk to clients who speak very fast, want to schedule a reservation in seconds like magic, stressed workaholics… but I am very happy to help and offer my best tantric queens to satisfy them so that they come back to me later saying that they had so much fun and they thank me for it. Sometimes you guys make me feel like a secret diary. I remember all of you and your experiences and chose these songs thinking of many of you dear ones.


Ladies in control – Friends, sincere, high spirits, dedicated professionals, discreet, skillful, beautiful, sexy, fun, intelligent… This playlist I made thinking of each of my tantric queens. I always imagine them getting ready with the best and most perfect lingerie to receive you, always perfect, with an environment strategically and sensorially prepared to please you. Because they are beautiful and dedicated to offer the best moment of pleasure and satisfaction to each one of you. Blond, brunette, redhead and black goddesses, the most important thing is the spirit in balance to make each new experience a legacy of quality. I treat them like my queens and precious jewels, there is mutual respect and I love working for them and they with me. So are my Skin Muses.


Tie & Tease – Ladies and gentlemen, this playlist is for you who want or like to live extremely hot and intense moments. It’s the playlist used by our therapists when our clients dare to ask for a different massage… Blindfolded, tied hands, domination, something in the most “50 Shades of Grey” style possible. Do you remember this movie my dear? Eroticism, daring, imagination, scenarios, dances, fantasies, role play… Beg for more! You just ask, you’ll have it!


Tantric and relaxing soundtracks playlists – Obviously I couldn’t forget to offer all our customers the exclusive Skin London Tantric playlists used by our wonderful massage therapists. Feel free to listen and remember how good it is to feel a hot body sliding naked over yours, in an incredibly sensory environment prepared to offer you the peak of pleasure. Remember those moments and come visit us again.


Regards, Susan.

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