Sexual Horoscope for November- Scorpio




Autumn may be the ideal time for snuggles and cuddles, but romance is the last thing on your mind. When Mercury enters your sign at the beginning of the month, your own satisfaction will be a priority over everything else. You may feel more romantic later when Mars enters Libra, but there is no suitable playmate around, you’re more than capable of creating your own fireworks.


You can resist most things, Scorpio, except temptation, of course! Venus enters your sign on the eighth, bringing you that too good that it’s bad liaison opportunity, which tempts you even more. An ex? A colleague or even your boss? Resist and have patience- you may meet someone truly bewitching.


Until November sixteenth, Venus will be retrograde, requiring you to do some deep soul-searching in terms of what you really want out of future relationships and, perhaps more importantly, the kind of spiritual work you need to do for yourself to ultimately fulfil your desires. Owning what you discover is the first step to feeling satisfied by all kinds of love—for others and yourself. Around November twenty-third, the full moon can crank up the drama with a potential partner or partners. Experience the dramatic shift in your sex drive as Mars turns up the heat- you’ll find your mind and imagination going into overdrive. Can you keep up?


Put on your hottest outfit and paint the town red when the new moon is in your sign on the twenty-seventh. You’ll be enchanting sexy strangers and getting up to all kinds of mischief…


Coupled Up


With the colder days fast approaching, bundling and snuggling up with your lover is sure to be your priority. With the holiday season just around the corner, there are opportunities aplenty to enjoy one-on-one time with your objet d’amour.


It is worth noting that Venus remains retrograde—in Libra, the partnership-oriented cardinal air sign—until November sixteenth, causing an introspective tone around matters of the heart. Relationship-ruling Venus is normally very comfortable in Libra, encouraging social butterfly behaviour and romance. But when retrograde, your priority may turn more to healing old emotional scars and leaning onto your most tactful side to set boundaries and balance inequalities in your relationships.


Be prepared also; just as November sixteenthmarks Venus’ direct turn, it’s also the day that the Mercury, the force behind communication, begins its final retrograde of the year in Sagittarius, potentially sparking misunderstandings, technical obstacles, and transportation hiccups until early December. If planning a date night seems to require more effort than usual and constant clarification, you’re not alone!


Good fortune and happiness is the backdrop for meaningful fun with loved ones around November twenty-fifth when the sun and abundance-bringing Jupiter join up in Sagittarius. Whether you’re going to a family reunion, dinner with friends, or spending the night in with your other half, lighthearted and lively fun is on the cards.

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