Do you know how to warm up a woman?

We asked our tantric masseuses to share their top tips


Our tantric masseuses are not only experts in giving sensuality but receiving too so we asked them to share their thoughts on how to turn a woman on and make her relent to your magic touch. Read on to equip yourself with expert knowhow and before you know it, you’ll be a pro!  One thing that must be said from the outset is that each woman is different. What may work for one woman may be a total turn off for another so there is no such thing as one size fits all! However, there are shared common techniques and methods which will assist in relaxing a female companion, increasing intimacy and affection between you.

Preparation is key and the power of using lighting to set an atmosphere is completely underestimated. If you have dimmable switches, make sure you set the scene by dimming the lights down low to a soft and warm glow- it’ll make such a difference to the overall mood. For those of you who have been lucky enough to experience one of our mind-blowing tantric massages, you’ll know that all of our masseuses pay special attention to lighting levels in order to achieve that perfect “boudoir” feel. No lady likes to feel self-conscious under the harsh glare of fluorescent strip lighting!


So that’s the lighting sorted- what about teasing the other senses? A sure-fire way to kill the mood is by being in a room that’s either too hot or too cold. Bear in mind that whilst you may feel comfortable in that space being fully clothed, things will feel very different when you are both stripped down. Paying attention to the temperature beforehand and allowing sufficient time to tweak and adjust the settings so that the ambience is just right will be very much appreciated. Otherwise, you may find yourselves clinging onto each other to stay warm- well that’s one way of doing it… 


Another easy way to set the scene is to douse the room with your partner’s favourite scent; be it lavender, citrus or fresh linen, triggering her sense of smell is one of the most direct methods to stimulate relaxation in the brain. You can achieve this by using scented candles (like many of our masseuses), perfume or even scented pillow spray. Coupled with her favourite beverage, be it champagne, sweet wine or even just a nice, hot cup of tea on the side, half of your work is already done! Don’t forget the music though: something soft, muted and gentle in the background will really set the perfect tone.


Now you’re ready to make your first move. Remember: Slow and steady wins the race… and that’s certainly the case when it comes to handling a lady. All of our masseuses agreed that nothing beats the gradual build up of sensation when being touched using long, sensual strokes as opposed to short, sharp and sometimes even painful (!) jabs! The skin is the largest organ of our body, with hundreds and thousands of nerve receptors, each one sending a specific message to our brain. By taking time to slowly build up the anticipation and feelings from head to toe, it can really amplify even the simplest of touches. By treating the entire body as a map to explore, rather than focusing on the most obvious areas of sensuality such as the breasts or the buttocks, it is possible to unlock new levels of arousal previously undiscovered. Perhaps take some time to caress the chest and collarbone area or the lower back and lumbar region where the body holds the most stress- these can be the most neglected areas of our bodies but the most responsive to touch.

It may be worth finding out from your partner what she considers her erogenous zones to be. Some more traditional ones include the neck, the ears or the inner thighs. However, it is always worth exploring the less obvious areas such as the backs of the knees or even the armpits. Do bear in mind that each woman is different and what may be an erogenous zone for one woman could be an absolute no-go for another! For example, a foot rub is a nightmare for those women who are squeamish about having their feet touched whereas for others, it is the one thing that relaxes them after a long day. If it is an area you are unfamiliar with, simply approach gently and tactfully, with some soft but firm strokes around the area and gauge your partner’s response. The last thing you want to do is end up killing the mood by triggering ticklish giggles or worse- hurting them!


Dry touching and body strokes are perfect for breaking the ice. When you are ready for some deeper movements, feel free to introduce some lubrication into the mix. For a frictionless liaison, you can experiment with various natural lubricants such as almond oil, which many of our masseuses favour, or even coconut oil if your partner does not mind the scent. Natural lubricants are fantastically multipurpose and will not only hydrate your partner’s skin but are safe to use for internal intimate exploration too. Otherwise, a quick online search will throw up a plethora of massage oils and lubricants varying greatly in price and efficacy.


By combining the simple tips above with plenty of practice, you’ll be a dab hand in the art of pleasuring a woman in no time. In the meantime, feel free to practise your technique with one of our gorgeous masseuses who will be more than happy to help guide you to refine your skills and maybe even learn some advanced moves! You’ll be thanking us for sure!  


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